IE9 preview – are you trying it out yet?

Are you trying out the IE9 preview yet?  I will completely admit I’m a bit behind on this, but I’m not sure I’m missing too much yet.

The charts over at the MSDN blog look like there’s some nice features and great speed coming in IE9, to be sure.  And in their recent unveiling of IE9 preview releases, MS has promised new builds every 8 weeks.

Here’s a small roundup of some useful tidbits on IE9 I’ve found.

I’m probably going to be trying it out next month.  The most interesting thing I’ve read so far was a reference to IE9’s ability to compile JavaScript directly to machine code, to take advantage of multi-cpu processing.  Certainly given IE’s tight coupling with Windows this will be something they can do much more easily than other browsers.  Will it make a difference?  To performance speed on certain tasks, I can imagine it would.  I’m not sure that doing those sorts of tasks in JavaScript will catch on, though, and it might be that developers looking to do those sorts of heavy CPU tasks might just stay in Silverlight if it’s only going to be beneficial on Windows platforms.

That’s just a first impression though – it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.  Long term, though, MS still needs to get users off *IE6* before we can make much more progress as a development community.  Without specifically having to target browsers, I can be *fairly* assured that what I’m writing will look and operate decently on Safari, Chrome, FF and Opera.  IE *still* ends up being a struggle, and while it’s a large piece of the pie, in many communities it doesn’t even represent the largest minority of browsershare these days.

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  1. Cyril Gupta says:

    New builds every 8 weeks? In this age when groups like Mozilla are doing Nightly builds!! … Really… Should I be impressed? I was sort of hoping that Ie9 would be out in 8 weeks! ! Talk about over-expectations.

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