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News roundup: Mozilla Rainbow, Wink toolkit, JSMentors

Mozilla Rainbow

Mozilla Rainbow is a Firefox plugin that enables a JavaScript API for recording audio and video in the browser. It’s part of Mozilla’s plethora of new offerings, and its appearance is relatively late-breaking news, as it was just announced and released just yesterday!

Mozilla has previously dabbled into in-browser audio recording with Jetpack, but this is their first foray into video recording.

Currently the plugin is only available for Firefox nightlies running on OSX. Future releases will have expanded OS support, as well as other improvements such as support for WebM video and live streaming of video feeds.

It seems clear that this addon anticipates the HTML device tag, which opens up camera and microphone access to the browser. What’s exciting is that developers can start developing for that today (and hope it’s not too troublesome to convert an app written for Rainbow into the future native implementation).

Wink toolkit (Webapp Innovation Kit)

Wink is a new mobile framework that was released relatively recently. It has everything you might expect from a JavaScript library in general, so I’m sure you’re familiar with much of what it does already.

If you visit the Wink website on a desktop browser you’ll see lots of documentation and a fair amount of video demos of Wink running on the iPhone Simulator. The true test of a mobile JavaScript library is of course on a device itself, and if you browse to the same site on your iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) or Android device, you can see many live demos that are actually quite impressive. I tested on my iPhone 3GS and the demos worked great.

The interesting thing about Wink is that it comes with a ton of UI controls out of the box: accordion, carousel, date picker, menu, popup, slideshow, etc. One of the coolest things is a drawing surface called “movement tracker”. All these nice features and effects available right out of the box is quite impressive for something that hasn’t been in the wild for too long. Definitely go check it out!


JSMentors is a mailing list created by and comprised of some JavaScript heavyweights (no, not obese JavaScript developers) and recognizable names. It has the very broad goal of being a place where people interested in JavaScript and Browser (DOM) scripting can come together and bounce ideas off each other.

It seems to be a great free resource, but it’s somewhat troubling to see that it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Anything free is worth checking out, and especially so when it has the right people behind it. So go check it out!


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Node v0.3.0 released

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