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…And we’re back!

Things have come to a frenzied pace here, as I’m helping to plan the upcoming Frontend Engineering Summit here at Yahoo! This is an internal conference with an awesome array of talks, but even if you’re not at Yahoo!, if you’re in the Bay area on March 28-29, we’d love to see you at BayJax in Sunnyvale here on the Yahoo campus. The first night’s BayJax will be open mic (they’re still looking for more folks to talk!), and

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the second night will have Steve Souders and Douglas Crockford speaking.

Hope to see you there! On with the news…

HTML5 element support in IE: to shim or not to shim?

Yahoo’s Thierry Koblentz has written a great post that discusses the drawbacks of the pure HTML/CSS way of making HTML5 tags work in IE. Most of you are probably familiar with the problem and the common solution: in older versions of IE, new HTML5 tags aren’t styleable, but a common trick to get them recognized and styleable is to create each type of element first in JavaScript. This method has become known as an HTML5 shim.

However, this relies on JavaScript! So what about folks with JavaScript disabled (up to 2% of users in the US, for instance)? They of course don’t see the styled elements, unless they use “wrapper” elements which they can target instead, which doesn’t rely on JavaScript. But this method doesn’t come without many drawbacks, which Thierry details in his post.

Scrollers aplenty

If you’ve been paying attention over the past few months, you’ve probably seen a few sites that take advantage of scrolling in new and exciting ways.

Most recently, WeSC Footwear released their own version of a “scroller” interface, undoubtedly influenced by Nike (their main competition). I find WeSC’s version interesting but quite dizzying.

TEDx Portland also use an interesting scrolling effect, but only at the top of the page. Once you get below the fold, the page “returns to normal”, so to speak.

Also be sure to check out BeerCamp 2011, which does something completely different and crazy.

iOS 4.3 adds Nitro support (kinda)

iOS 4.3 has added their Nitro engine to mobile Safari, which had made things quite a bit faster JavaScript-wise. Theoretically this should also make native apps with UIWebView and webpages added to the home screen faster, but folks have found this not to be the case. As it turns out, the Nitro engine is only available on mobile Safari itself, launched from the mobile Safari icon. Confusingly, not even web apps added to the home screen via mobile Safari benefit from the new improvements. This means folks who wrap their applications with something such as PhoneGap will not benefit from the latest new improvements.

Some call it a conspiracy, some call it a bug, but in any case Apple has acknowledged the discrepancy. My gut feeling points to Apple fixing this in the next version, but we’ll have to wait and see.

There’s already a casualty of the discrepancy: Blaze software released a statement claiming that Android’s native browser is much faster than mobile Safari. In order to defend themselves, Apple has been forced to admit to the “Nitro gap” in order to defend the speed of their browser in their latest iOS release.


YUI 2.9.0 preview
Dojo 1.6
Raphaël 2.0 beta
Jade 0.7.0
EaselJS v0.3.2
yepnope.js 1.0.0
Google has announced that they will no longer make new releases of Gears

Upcoming Events

Tuning JavaScript at Disqus (SF Web Performance) (March 21, 2011 in San Francisco)
Build our first Phonegap App! (New York Phonegap Developers Meetup) (March 24 in New York, NY)
BayJax Open Mic and Steve Souders / Douglas Crockford talks (March 28-29 in Sunnyvale)
JS in SA (April 2, 2011 in South Africa)
codeconf (GitHub) (April 9-10 in San Francisco, US)
Breaking Development: design and development for the mobile web (April 11-12, 2011 in Dallas, TX)
jQuery Conference 2011 (April 16-17, 2011 in Mountain View)
JSConf 2011 (May 2-3, 2011 in Portland, Oregon, US)
NodeConf 2011 (May 5, 2011 in Portland, Oregon, US)
Web Directions Unplugged (May 12–13 2011, Seattle)
jsday (May 12-14, 2011 in Italy)
Mobilism (May 12-13, 2011 in Amsterdam)
BrazilJS (May 13-14, 2011 in Brazil)
TXJS (June 11, 2011 in Austin, Texas)
An Event Apart Atlanta (June 13–15, 2011, Atlanta)

Performance Tidbits

There’s lots of performance-related news to catch up on, so this will get its own section this week!

YSlow for Chrome has been released

Google has converted their AdSense ads to be asynchronous (non-blocking), which is good news in terms of performance

Trevmex has posted notes from the Velocity Online Conference, which introduced a YSlow bookmarklet to run on mobile devices

dynaTrace Ajax Edition 3.0 Beta now supports both Firefox and Internet Explorer

Slowcop is a performance measurement tool similar to YSlow except that it’s a hosted service

Loads.in is another useful performance tool that lets you know how fast your page loads, from servers around the world

Steve Souders has posted a mobile comparison of the Top 11 websites, showing an analysis of total requests, DOM elements, and HTML size

Node.js Tidbits

Ryan Grove of the YUI team released Selleck, a Mustache-based user documentation generator in Node.js

Remy Sharp’s inliner is a Node-based tool for inlining assets (images, CSS, JS) in a webpage, mostly targeted towards mobile pages, where reducing requests matters even more.

node-inspector is a debugger for node.js for WebKit-based browsers.

Other Tidbits

John Resig has made a post on speeding up dictionary lookups on both the server side and client-side

Some folks have released a comparison chart of all the JavaScript loaders out there

The creator of Ruby on Rails has announced that Rails 3.1 will ship with jQuery as the default JavaScript library, instead of Prototype

Maximiliano Firtman lays down the particulars of What’s new on Safari for iPhone 4.3 and iPad 4.3

Here’s a QRcode decoder written in JavaScript

Some Mozilla folks are building a V8 shim for SpiderMonkey, Firefox’s JavaScript engine

DontType! is an implementation of the Android screen unlock to be used in place of a low-security password

Jaws is an HTML5 JavaScript game library (another one!) which is not to be confused with the screen reader by the same name.

noisy is a jQuery plugin that dynamically generates background noise (in base64). Check out the demo.

d3 is a visualization library that outputs data as HTML and SVG.

TinySrc now has a data URI api for accessing images

Tony Lukasavage asks an interesting question: Are you actually saving time with mobile frameworks?

Drawing Sprites: Canvas 2D vs. WebGL: Microsoft’s FishIE modified to run a LOT more fish using WebGL instead of Canvas

IndexedDB – The Store In Your Browser (scriptjunkie)

Video: JavaScript: The Evil Parts (Billy Hoffman)

Audio: Why JavaScript Doesn’t Have Operators Yet? (A Minute with Brendan)

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