News roundup: emscripten and Doom in the browser, plax, js2coffee


No audio podcast or major story summaries this week, just tidbits, releases, and some new events added to the calendar. See you next week!

Upcoming Events

TXJS (June 11, 2011 in Austin, Texas)
An Event Apart Atlanta (June 13–15, 2011, Atlanta)
GothamJS (July 9, 2011 in New York City)
Open Web Camp III (July 16, 2011 in Palo Alto, CA)
NodeConf Summercamp (September 5-7, 2011 in Walker Creek Ranch, CA)
dojoconf (September 16, 2011 in Arlington, VA)
CapitolJS (September 18, 2011 in Washington DC)


YUI 3.4.0 Preview Release 1
Processing.js 1.2 (improvements to WebGL performance)
Modernizr 2


emscripten is a Low Level Virtual Machine (LLVM) to JavaScript Compiler. A Firefox Mobile developer ported Doom to the browser using it, although the link to the game seems to not be working anymore (boo!)

A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins (JavaScript, JavaScript…)

ppk has updated his compatibility tables for browsers that respond to a dynamically changed viewport tag (read his blog post as well)

Addy Osmani has published an article giving an overview on the publish/subscribe (pubsub) pattern in JavaScript (scriptjunkie)

Christophe Portneneuve tells us the ins and outs of script concatenation (scriptjunkie)

EveryJS is a site inspired by microns, but this site’s goal is to give a once-over summary of each major JavaScript library or framework, and the major reasons why you should use each of them.

plax is a jQuery-powered library to implement a mouse-driven parallax effect (such as that seen on Github’s 404 error page)

js2coffee is a JavaScript to CoffeeScript transpiler. The big question: why?

Client Performance Monitoring with Boomerang and CouchDB

Four tools in Chrome to peek into JavaScript memory usage (Chromium Blog)

How Javascript Prototypal Inheritance Really works (with commentary via Hacker News) (h/t to JavaScript Weekly)

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